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Greater London's trade union councils

Greater London has 32 boroughs. These are served by a trade union council or sometimes they operate in tandem eg Bexley and Greenwich; Merton and Sutton. At any given time there are usually one or two trade union councils which are re-organizing and therefore not fully operational. In such cases GLATUC arranges a re-launch and undertakes essential local duties on a temporary basis. The trade union councils are registered by the TUC.


Like trade union councils, GLATUC is registered by the TUC and is part of the official structure of Britain's trade union movement, albeit one composed of rank-and-file trade unionists.

London's trade union councils send delegates to GLATUC, which is by far the biggest of the County Associations of Trade Union Councils (CATUCs) which serve most of the counties and metropolitan areas of England. Trade union councils can send motions to GLATUC.

GLATUC affiliates to a number of outside organizations like the Construction Safety Campaign, London Hazards Centre, London Socialist Film Co-op and the National Pensioners Convention.

GLATUC meets on the second Saturday of each month, usually from 11.00am, The meetings are open to any London trade unionists as observers, on production of a valid trade union membership card, but they can speak only by the President's permission. London's lay trade union leaders regularly brief us on key industrial issues.

GLATUC's Annual General Meeting elects officers and Executive Committee members, who also meet once a month. The Secretary produces an Annual Report

International relations

GLATUC, as the trade union body for Greater London, has the task of maintaining relations with the trade union centres in other capital cities. We have active, formal relationships with most of the capital cities of Europe, from Lisbon to Moscow, as well as capitals in the Americas and Asia. This is a continually expanding part of our work.

Southern & Eastern Region TUC (SERTUC)

GLATUC sends a delegation of 15 to SERTUC - by far the largest delegation of any organization. We can submit motions to SERTUC for discussion at the quarterly Regional Council meeting (trade union councils may not send motions direct to the TUC, only through GLATUC).

We also send two delegates to each of SERTUC's sub-groups: Construction Industry, Creative & Leisure,, Pensioners, Race Relations, Transport, LGBT, Public Service and Women.

The SERTUC Executive Committee has five seats for CATUCs, one of which is occupied by a representative from GLATUC (currently our Treasurer, Roger Sutton).

Annual Conference of Trade Union Councils

CATUCs (like GLATUC) and trade union councils can both send delegates to the movement's Annual Conference. CATUCs can each send 2 motions to Conference; CATUCs and trade union councils can both send amendments and emergency motions. Conference elects annually a Fraternal/Sororal delegate to the TUC's Annual Congress and its decisions are reported to the TUC's General Council.

Between conferences the trade union councils movement's affairs are conducted by the TUCJCC, a body consisting of members of the General Council and 8 representatives of the trade union councils in the TUC's English regions and Wales. The current representative of London and SE England is GLATUC President Linda Kietz..