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Reclaiming International Women’s Day - 10-01-2016

International Women’s Day

InternationalWomen’s Day began as a socialist political event to promote equal rights,
women’s wages and suffrage for all women.  It was founded to commemorate a
strike of textile workers.  IWD has its’ origins firmly rooted in the
Trade Union Movement.  It is therefore frustrating to see a dearth of this
heritage when attending events on International Women’s Day in London.

Lagarde head of the bosses’ International Monetary Fund IMF spoke on a Women of
the World platform in 2015.  Its’ President is The Duchess of Cornwall. 
These women represent the 1% of the super- rich and not the 99% of women who
live and work in our communities.   Women like Hilary Kemp writing
about the impact of the removal of Tax Credits, “I am a single mother and
work fulltime and receive £21,000. I have calculated I will be £2,000 worse
off.  I was working for a company for 7 years, they made me redundant in
order to use cheap labour in India.  I have got into debt because of
expensive child care.  The stress of robbing Peter to pay Paul for the
last 15 years has taken a terrible toll on my health and now it is going to be
even worse.”

Greater London Association of Trades Union Councils are calling on women to
reclaim International Women’s Day in London on Saturday 12th March.

TUC report The Impact on Women of the Recession and Austerity 2015, shows
a lack of high quality well paid jobs for women, who are often to be found
working in insecure and low paid employment. Welfare reforms and cuts to local
services have had a disproportionate impact upon women.  At our first
organising meeting the impact of austerity on union members was a clear
unifying theme, we will therefore be joining the many groups in London opposing
austerity by organising an anti-austerity event.

a more positive note women representation in the trade unions remains
strong.  Women now make up half of the trade union members. However, women
are still underrepresented in many trade union positions and are often absent
from our Trades Union Councils. An event initiated by trade union members,
living and working in London will revitalise our Trades Union Councils and
encourage participation in our Unions.

can help make this a successful event on March 12th 2016 by
circulating this invitation and joining us on International Women’s Day. 
Let us know if you will be supporting Reclaim International Women’s Day.


Susan Aitouaziz

Officer GLATUC & NUT Member

[email protected]