We want to be in contact with trade unionists across London involved in struggles - struggles of women workers, black workers, young workers, retired workers, part-time or full-time, private or public sector. We want to hear from all workers in London.

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"The London Trades Council has been succeeded by the Greater London Association of Trades Councils as the representative trade union body for the whole of London."

Norman Willis, TUC General Secretary 1985

What is GLATUC?

What is a trade union council?

Each London borough is served by a trade union council (also known as a trades council or TUC). They are registered by the Trades Union Congress. They are organisations consisting of delegates from the trade union branches active locally, in both the private and public sectors. Trade union councils frequently also invite student unions, pensioners' groups, tenants associations, anti-racist organisations and other community groups to join their meetings in an associate capacity.

Local TUCs undertake a wide range of work. They organise events on Workers Memorial Day (28 April) and International Workers Day (1st May, May Day). They frequently participate in borough council committees, such as Agenda 21 committees, and serve on other public bodies on behalf of the Trades Union Congress. They conduct trade union awareness and recruitment campaigns and support local anti-racist and anti-fascist activities. Above all, they provide support to industrial disputes.

What is GLATUC?
GLATUC is the trade union body for London, bringing together trade unionists across the capital. It is made up of delegates from the trades councils covering the London Boroughs. We fit into the TUC national structure through the Southern & Eastern Region of the TUC (SERTUC) and the national Annual Conference of the trade union councils movement. Traditionally, we also provide the delegate for South East England on the TUCJCC, the national co-ordinating body for the Trade Union Council movement, consisting of regional representatives and members of the TUC General Council. For more details on official structures see the "Structures" page.

GLATUC aims to be the co-ordinating body for rank and file trade union action across London and its trade union councils. We send representatives to London-wide bodies, handle issues which involve more than one borough, develop policy on London-wide issues, provide support for borough TUCs and, especially, co-ordinate rank-and-file support across London on major social and industrial issues and industrial disputes. We have recently given support to workers in dispute at
· Ford Dagenham,
· SkyChef Heathrow,
· London's tube
· National Health Service
· Post Office

Over the years we, and our predecessor, the London Trades Council, have supported all the major working class battles. Trade union councils (then known as trades councils) had a leading role in the General Strike of 1926. More recently we played a major role in the successful battles against anti-trade union laws in the early 1970s, the successful equal pay battle at Trico in the 1970s, the 1984-5 Miners Strike, the Print Workers battle of the mid-80s, the Magnet lockout and the PriceCheck recognition campaign in the mid-90s and all the other major disputes.

GLATUC is also the leading partner in organising London's annual May Day March and Rally (see the May Day page).